Louisiana EMS Memorial Bike RideUne Tour a Rapeller - Une Tour a Honorer - Une Tour a Jamais Oublier```

When? September 26, 2015

Where? Start in New Orleans at Delgado Community College and riding to the Fire Dist 1 Station on Hwy 61 in Gonzales.

How To Participate? Each rider is required to complete the registration form attached. There

is a $75 registration fee. Each rider will be expected to raise a minimum $50 in funds from sponsors.

Click this link for map of route.   http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/copy/203200378/




Friday, September 25, 2015

14:00: Pre-check in opens at Delgado.

17:00: Pre-check in closes!

18:30 - 22:00  Pre Ride Dinner

Saturday September 26, 2015

06:00 Registration/Check-in opens!

06:45 Registration/Check-in closes!

07:00 Invocation/blessing

07:05 Line up and announcements

07:15 Start of the ride!

14:00 Ride is complete and Post Ride celebration begins

17:00 Celebration ends and Bus transportation departs back to New Orleans

18:30 Bus returns to Starting Area.

23:59 Starting Area is closed - all vehicles are to be removed from area.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Participants head home.


Below is the criteria that each cyclist will be required to have obtained to PRIOR to being allowed to ride.

1) Completed all forms (Registration/Liability wavier/Pledge form) and submitted with registration fee

2)       Present at starting area with sufficient time to              do the following:

             a) Check in

             b) Have bicycle inspected by staff to make sure  it is ready for the ride. Inspection will also include ensuring that each rider has the   proper safety equipment needed to participate in the ride. * Please note that we are presently work on a “pre-check in” for those participants who intend on arriving on Friday and wish to do so.

During The Ride:

Each rider is expected to wear their helmet at all times while in motion. There will be no exception to this rule!


During the ride, the group will be monitored by both support personnel and “Ride Marshals.” If a rider is having difficulty they will be offered the ability to ride in one of the SAG vehicles to the next rest stop. Upon arrival at the next rest stop, they will be allowed to

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rejoin the group if they choose. NOTE: Every attempt will be made to assist each rider to successfully complete this journey. However, when issues of safety for the rider are in question the Staff reserves the right to remove any rider or terminate the ride in these cases. These decisions are rarely made but are final when made.


All riders will be required to obey all traffic laws unless directed otherwise by law enforcement or Staff.


All riders are expected to maintain a safe distance from other riders during the ride.


In areas when allowed, the ride style shall be parade (2 by 2) otherwise it will be single file.


Communications with your fellow rider are a must. There are road hazards (glass, pot holes, loose gravel, train tracks) that can quickly sneak up on a rider. If you see such an item, communicate to the group. Actions like this can decrease the probability of someone getting hurt!


SUPPORT STAFF: Please don’t give these folks any grief because without them, there is no ride. Take the time to thank these people because trust me when I tell you that they tend to put in a lot of unpaid time and effort.


Q. Can I transfer my registration to another person?

This is not a problem. We will gladly transfer anyone’s registration to another person provided we are notified in writing 72 hours prior to the event. Please note: The shirt assigned to the original registrant may not be able to be exchanged for a different size in the event of that you need to transfer your registration.

Q. Is it ok to take my kids with me for the ride or I want tow my children in a child carrier?

Considering the nature of the ride and the route we are taken we are going to have to decline any participant from attempting to “tow’ small children during this event.

Q.  Is there a refund if the ride is cancelled or will the ride be reschedule in the event of serve weather?

No registration fees will be refunded or transferred to future events if the ride is cancelled. Due to the nature of the event and the logistics involved it is impossible to schedule an alternate day.

Q.  I raised the required amount in sponsor money, what do I do with it if the event is canceled or I am unable to participate?

There are two options on this scenario. The first is contact the individuals who sponsored you explained what occurred (i.e. why you are unable to participate.). Then you may ask what they wish for you to do with the funds that you have collected. There shall be only two options: return the funds to your sponsors or ask them if they wish to submit those funds as a donation to the event. The other option is to transfer your registration/pledges to another rider.

Q:  Is there an age requirement to participate?

Generally all participants should be 18 but we do recognize that there are those individuals under 18 who have the ability to complete such an event. Those individuals should be allowed participate on a case by case basis and with the expressed written permission of their guardian. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at coordinator@laemsmemorial.org

Q. You know I can’t ride 55!  What happens if I decided not to ride with the group or out ride the escorts?

Any rider choosing not stay with the group or follow directions of the staff will be terminated from the ride and shall be considered just a fellow cyclist riding on their own accord and at their own peril. What this means is that should you get hurt because you decided to not operate within the rules of this ride your forfeit your right to be covered by the event policy.



(A tour to REMEMBER - A tour to HONOR - A tour to NEVER FORGET)